Here you will find the most common questions and answers for you to learn more about the CLASS Certification process provided by the League. If you have a question that is not listed, visit our Contact Us page and submit it to us. We’ll get back to you right away.

Technical Issues

What device can I use to complete this online course?

You can use any device, keeping in mind that some will work better than others depending upon your operating system and browser.  While this software will work on some mobile devices, we have found it to be more effective on computers or laptops.

Computer or Laptop Windows 8 and up Chrome 22
Firefox 26
Microsoft Edge (latest)
Internet Explorer 10
Opera 33
Safari 5.1
Mac Snow Leopard and up (Mac OS X 10.6) Chrome 22
Firefox 26
Microsoft Edge (latest)
Internet Explorer 10
Safari 5.1
Mobile Android 4.4 KitKat Chrome
iOS 10 Chrome

Is the CLASS certification available through my mobile device?

No.  At this point, we recommend using a laptop or computer only.  All testing, so far, indicates that the software is not compatible with many mobile devices.

The course froze.  What do I do now?

In order to get past this issue, you will need to clear the browsing history on your computer. Do you know how to do that? If not, here is an article that explains how to do it in the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer): http://www.wikihow.com/Delete-Browsing-History

I’ve completed the course, now what?

Within a couple hours, you will receive an email containing instructions on printing your certificate and a link to our Range Day Guide.  If you do not see it, please check your spam or junk folder.

I can’t find my certificate.  How can I get another copy?

Log into your account.  Click on START COURSE and then VIEW CERTIFICATE.  You can then download or print your certificate.

My head coach’s name is showing on my certificate.  How do I fix this?

Log into your account.  Select REGISTER and then go to Account Details.  Replace your head coach’s name with your name in the Coach’s Name field.  Reprint your certificate.


Are Head Coaches required to become CLASS certified?

Yes, as of 2018, the League requires all new head coaches to be CLASS certified to be covered by the League’s insurance policy.  Each head coach will receive one promotional code so that he or she can complete the course for free.  Additionally, only CLASS certified coaches may conduct the Range Day to complete the SAFE Certification for student athletes.

What is the fee for the Head Coach to become CLASS certified?

FREE! Each Head Coach will receive a single use code to register for the CLASS certification.  This code is ONLY good for the Head Coach.  Assistant coaches are encouraged to complete the program for a $50 fee.

How many coaches on one team can be CLASS certified?

As many you want!  Each team accepting SAFE certified student athletes is required to have at least one CLASS certified coach but teams are more than welcome to have assistant coaches complete the certification.

How will I be identified as a CLASS certified coach?

Upon completion of the CLASS certification the League will send you a patch recognizing you as a CLASS certified coach.  Patches are mailed in April and October annually.  Your patch will be shipped at the next available mailing date.

Are there CLASS certified coaches already at my local shooting range?

CLASS certification is League specific.  So, therefore, it’s not up to the range to staff CLASS certified coaches.  Check with your team’s Head Coach to learn more about CLASS certified coaches in your area.

Do I have to be a teacher at the school to be able to register for the CLASS certification?

No, any volunteer coach is encouraged to take the course.

I completed the CLASS certification last year.  Do I have to take the course again this year?

No.  It is only necessary to complete the course once.  You will have lifetime access to the lessons though.  To review them, simply log into your CLASS account, click START COURSE and scroll down to the lesson you wish to view.

Will my personal information be shared with anyone outside of the league?

No, your designation as a CLASS certified coach is kept confidential along with any other personal information.

As a CLASS certified RSO am I able to act as the RSO for any shooting event at a shooting range?

No, CLASS RSO certification is only valid in League events.

I completed the CLASS certification as a high school clay target coach.  Will I need to re-take the course to be certified for a college team?

Your CLASS Certification obtained for the high school level will carry forward for any coach working in the college ranks.


As a CLASS certified coach am I covered under the League’s General Liability Insurance Policy?

All registered coaches and volunteers are insured under a General Liability Insurance Policy if a covered injury occurs because of participating in a League event. The names of all registered athletes, coaches and volunteers must be entered in the team’s Team Profile in TMS to be covered by League insurance.

As a CLASS certified coach am I covered under the shooting range’s insurance policy?

Your shooting range may have an insurance policy that may cover athletes from the League while shooting during scheduled League events. Ask your participating shooting range for their insurance policy details.

Are the student athletes completing the SAFE Range Day covered under the League’s General Liability Policy?

All registered student athletes are insured by the League’s accident insurance policy if a covered injury occurs because of participating in a League event. The names of all registered athletes, coaches and volunteers must be entered in the team’s Team Profile in TMS to be covered by League insurance.

SAFE Range Day Sessions

How often will I be expected to conduct a range day?

Range days can be scheduled as needed.  It is up to the CLASS certified coach as to when he/she determines a range day is needed to certify student athletes that have completed the online portion of the SAFE certification.

Does the league have a recommended ratio of CLASS certified coaches to student athletes?

The league recommends you always determine the safest ratio of CLASS certified coaches to student athletes.  The classroom portion of a range day can have an unlimited number of student athletes but the league recommends 1:5 ratio of 1 CLASS certified coach to 5 student athletes on the field at any given time.  The league also recommends a 1:1 ratio of CLASS coach to student athlete at each station during the shooting portion of the range day.

Am I limited to what shooting range I can certify athletes at?

No, talk with your gun club manager to set up a range day that works for both you and the shooting range.  Let them know you will need an area to hold the meeting, possible use of the patterning board, and an adequate number of fields to complete the range day within a 1-2-hour time frame.

What materials will I need to safely conduct a range day?

CLASS certified coaches will have access to a resource center with downloadable content to safely conduct a range day.  Always remember that no LIVE AMMUNITION is allowed in the classroom during instruction.

Are CLASS certified coaches expected to provide firearms and ammunition to conduct a range day?

No, while it never hurts to have these items on hand for instructional purposes, it’s up to the student athlete to provide the necessary items to complete their range day.

Can the classroom portion of the range day be completed at a site other than a shooting range?

Yes, the shooting range is only required to complete the shooting portion of the certification.  It is up to the CLASS certified coach how he/she wants to schedule the range day.

Can I conduct multiple range day sessions in one day?

Yes, it is up to the CLASS certified coach to decide how many range days they want to offer.  Always check with your shooting range for availability.

Can I conduct the classroom portion of the range day at my school?

Check with your school regarding their “Firearms Policy”, generally the school is not the best place to conduct the classroom portion of the range day.  Try and secure a location that allows firearms for demonstration purposes.

Who is responsible for notifying the league when a student athlete has completed the range day?

The coach is responsible for updating the completed range day information in each student athlete’s registration data located in the Team Roster section of TMS.  This MUST be completed prior to the start of the reserve week.

Can a CLASS certified coach accept a student athlete to the range day that is currently working on the SAFE certification?

No, the student athlete must present their SAFE online certificate to the CLASS coach during check in of the range day.

Can my team accept SAFE certified athletes without a CLASS certified coach on staff?

No, any team accepting student athletes must have a CLASS coach on staff to conduct a range day.

Are CLASS coaches allowed to combine range days with other teams?

Check with your local shooting range for space and availability.  CLASS coaches must certify their own student athletes.

When should a CLASS certified coach think about hosting a range day?

Range days are most effective in the weeks prior to reserve week.  This allows student athletes adequate time to complete the online portion of the SAFE certification.  Remember that student athletes MUST have successfully completed the online SAFE certification before they can attend a range day.

As a CLASS certified coach am I able to certify athletes in other youth organizations?

No, CLASS coaches are only allowed to certify athletes participating in the League.